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Tickled Pink



What’s For Lunch?

Watch out. It might be YOU!

At Wildlife World Zoo there is a restaurant within the aquarium building. There you can dine among sharks, moray eels and all sorts of sea creatures. Alongside the bar area is the albino alligator who, I’m quite certain, looks at all the patrons the same way we study lobsters in the tank at the front of the seafood restaurant. Funny how messing with a small thing like the food chain can make the world a completely different place.

Monkey Business

Yippee! Ramblin’ Kathy is in town, and today Magpie and I will be hooking up with her at Wildlife World Zoo.

In honor of our trip to the zoo I pulled this photo from my archives. During a previous trip there a mischievous monkey had scored someone’s hat and was making us all giggle.

No telling what we’ll happen onto today. I, for one, know it won’t have anything to do with snakes.

(PS I have been having trouble leaving comments on some blogs lately so if I’ve missed you I am sorry! I am probably visiting just not able to chat.)