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Another Saturday Night

You can always tell when it’s summer by my blog. Unlike some adventurous and hearty souls (I’m talking about you, Chris) I tend to stay indoors as much as I can and avoid the desert heat and sun. That’s why you will see so many posts from my archives or recent trips to the coast. I am wallowing deep in the Dog Days mentality now, but only a few short months and it will be Fall, and then I will have absolutely no excuse for not getting up off my arse and getting out. (But I’m sure I’ll come up with something! Isn’t that sad?)

Saturday night, the husband and I had a “date night”. This is a big deal for us. We both had grown tired sitting around the house watching the Michael Phelps show on TV, and I heard that one of my favorite local businesses, Ground Control, was having a party. They are moving to a bigger location in Litchfield Park and were closing the Goodyear doors for good (not just a good year ha!).

Ground Control is so cute. It can’t decide if it’s a coffee joint or a pub, but it is precisely that combination that makes it so eclectic. You can get a good cup of coffee, a nice red zin or a hoity toity 30 year old scotch if that is your poison. It’s also nice to have a place the West Valley can call its own. We have mostly chain restaurants from which to choose. Yuck. And boring.

Even better – we got to hear some live jazz. Booyeah! (They came all the way from NEW YORK CITY.)

Thanks, Sean, for bringing some class to the SW Valley. We’re looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks when the new place opens.

Happy New Year


Blue Heron Winery

Jeff and Stephanie at the Grateful Goat told us about another winery with a big deck overlooking the Ohio River. It sounded absolutely beautiful. The day was gorgeous, the trees were on fire and it was a Sunday afternoon so we decided to add that to our itinerary.

We weren’t disappointed. It was worth getting lost and even driving down the tiny gravel road that looked like it might drop off in the river.

Okay, I have a confession to make. The description of a “cherry” wine maybe influenced us a bit. It went something like this:
(1) Take a drink.
(2) Put a piece of chocolate in your mouth.
(3) Take another drink.
(4) It will taste just like a chocolate covered cherry.


The Grateful Goat

On Sunday we chose to visit the Grateful Goat Winery. It provided a beautiful scenic drive filled with Fall colors that ended with a delightful wine tasting and a nice chat with some of the locals. How could you go wrong with a couple of Grateful Dead fans who were quitting work to pursue their passion for making wine full-time?  Although disappointed that we missed the one year anniversary featuring the Grateful Dead tribute band, our palettes were appeased with 5 different varietals.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by not one but three grateful goats, the littlest one aptly named Casey Jones. They were all quite friendly, a bit curious and hungry enough to eat purses and such if you let them. I ask you: how could you not love a face like that?

The owners were out of town. It turns out they had a baby six months ago and were getting away for their first weekend since, but their friends, Jeff and Stephanie Andrews, were perfect hosts. They answered all our questions and happily took our money! We tried the warm mulled wine on  Halloween, and it was just as yummy as we remembered!

Wine Tasting

Here is another photo from our trip to World Market over the weekend. Just for the record, the basket belonged to Magpie. Yes, the dragonfly gave it away to many of you. Also, just for the record, that basket got fuller!


I don’t want to give anybody the idea I’m a lush, BUT if it’s for a good cause I am willing to sacrifice my reputation.

Magpie and I attended a wine tasting and silent auction on Saturday night to benefit a local school. Magpie found not only one but TWO wines she enjoyed and gave a third one a half  a thumb up. In fact, one of the lucky wines she deemed worthy enough to buy the entire BOTTLE. I’m pretty sure we’ll be ringing in the New Year with it. (I kid Magpie. She is a good sport, and it’s good for her to think outside the box(-o-wine) sometimes.)

Seriously, though, we had a delightful time. I’m just wondering what kind of genie is coming out of that bottle once it’s uncorked. 🙂

Sedona in a Glass

We stopped by the wine tasting at Wild West Wine Co. one afternoon and sipped a glass of raspberry champagne in the shadow of the red rocks. I guess you could say we were trying to drink it all in.