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Over Achiever

Everett Bowman Statue, Wickenburg, AZ

b. July 12, 1899 Hope, NM
d. October 25, 1971 Wickenburg, AZ

-Known as the cowboy’s cowboy
-Admired and revered by townsfolk
-Father and organizer of Turtle Association 1936 which became the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association
-1937 Owned Heart Cross Ranch Hillside, AZ
-Acquired private plane and license 1939
-Took up golf 1947 – hit “hole in one” 1952
-Champion mule trainer
-Served as Head Wrangler at Flying – E – Ranch Wickenburg, AZ 1960-1962

Thanks for wonderful memories
Flying – E – guests, staff and friends.

Now there is a man who lived large. I think I would have enjoyed meeting him.


Striped Ponies

At first glance you might think these are zebras, but actually this is a wire sculpture of two ponies outside the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg. I don’t know anything about this piece of art because there was no information accompanying it. Sorry!

Wickenburg, AZ

I have to admit that before I went to Wickenburg with Magpie last Friday this was pretty much all I knew about the place.  It had always been for us merely a pass through on the way to Laughlin, NV, and I had no idea about the history, the art sculptures, the little shops and the restaurants there. Dare I say that Wickenburg has more class in its right hoof than all of Phoenix? (OK, there, I said it.)