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Am I Blue?

During my last trip to Venice Beach, the most beautiful blue building caught my eye. As I kept walking and staring at it I thought “What a neat idea to paint a window on it with the reflection of the sky to match the blue walls.” Then I realized that it WAS a window reflecting the blue sky above the sea.

Venice Street Art #3

I’m heading out of town for a wedding for the next several days. Be good to each other!

Peace House

Believe it or not, the gate I posted Wednesday does not belong to this home. I think they kind of complement each other though.


I know which entrance I’m using!

Venice Patio

I love strolling along the canals in Venice, CA and looking at the homes and some of the landscaping.  There is usually not a lot of outdoor space, but here is a nice little patio where someone can sit outside and enjoy the mild weather. I bet those lanterns are pretty when they are lit at night.

I hope your weekend is pleasant and relaxing no matter where you spend it!

Pet Ducks

The people along the canals are apparently very protective of the ducks there. I gather there has been some issue with dogs in the area, uh, perhaps eating them or something.

I mean they must REALLY like their ducks!

Basketball at the Beach

Next to the famed Muscle Beach are the basketball courts where you can shoot some hoops while being cooled by gentle sea breezes. The movie “White Men Can’t Jump” was filmed here. There weren’t any pick up games going on this day, but it was early.