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C’mon Get Happy

I saw this bus parked behind a local hotel. I don’t know who was driving it, but I sure would have liked to have met them!


Fins To The Left

It’s five o’clock somewhere – Happy Friday!

(Not So) Mellow Yellow

I’m not much of a motor-head but this yellow Dodge Viper caught my eye.

(PS I just purchased Photoshop Elements. It’s on sale for half off through Nov 29th so I thought I would give it a go. If any of you who use it have any tips to share, I’m all ears!)

Pick Up Line

Chicks Dig Scars Bumper Sticker

Seen in the back window of an old Ford pick up truck.


(PS I would like to take the opportunity today to express my gratitude for those of you that share your world with me and allow me to share a little of mine. Your support and friendship mean more to me than I can ever describe in words. For those of you celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, I hope you have a peaceful and joyous day among family and friends.)

Rusty Old Truck

Car Show

Magpie and I went to a car show this weekend, so be prepared for a lot of pictures of pretty, shiny, colorful cars, but please don’t ask us what kind they are because we probably won’t be able to tell you – only that it is pretty, shiny and colorful. Except for this one……which I happened to remember was a 2001 Chevy Metro LS.

Indeed, this one had seen better days.

Chevy 1948 3100

Chevy 1948 3100

So you say you want to see the truck? What made this photo so hard to take was the fact that this truck was so bright and shiny. You need to click on the pictures to appreciate just how clean it was. She is a beauty, huh?

Chevy 1948 3100