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I know which entrance I’m using!

Tsunami Warning

I’m not sure when these signs first appeared. I know they haven’t always been there so must have been planted following some rather recent unpleasant world events.

Who Knew There Was A Manual?

Too late for me but maybe not for some of you.

Pick Up Line

Chicks Dig Scars Bumper Sticker

Seen in the back window of an old Ford pick up truck.


(PS I would like to take the opportunity today to express my gratitude for those of you that share your world with me and allow me to share a little of mine. Your support and friendship mean more to me than I can ever describe in words. For those of you celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, I hope you have a peaceful and joyous day among family and friends.)

Toilet Humor

This past week I accompanied Magpie, her Mom and her daughter to Prescott in celebration of her Mom’s 80th birthday. We had lunch at Magpie’s favorite place, the Gurley Street Grill. This is the door to the Men’s Room. (Sorry, but I don’t know if the humor goes any farther than the entrance.)

They also had some cute T-shirts for sale, and Magpie has a photo today over on her blog, In Over My Head. I love people who make me laugh!

I Know It’s Monday, But…

Pace yourself. You’re going to need something to do by Friday.