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Wine Tasting

Here is another photo from our trip to World Market over the weekend. Just for the record, the basket belonged to Magpie. Yes, the dragonfly gave it away to many of you. Also, just for the record, that basket got fuller!

To Market We Go

This past weekend Magpie and I got together with the intention of doing some picture-taking. First, we made a stop at World Market where they were having an Octoberfest wine and beer tasting. Since we were feeling a bit uninspired in the picture-taking department due to the outside temperatures it tuned out to be pretty much our only stop that day except for a another one at Starbucks on the way home.

So, who do you think this shopping basket belonged to – me or Magpie?

World Market Treasures

Might I add that they sell the most amazing Lemon Artichoke Simmer Sauce! I sautéed some vegetables, added some chicken and then cooked it in the sauce for a bit and served it over rice. YUM-O!

Farmer’s Market

Chubby Bubby

BBQ Rubs

Here today. Gone tamale.

Tamales, by golly.

Ring my Bell Pepper

Bell Peppers

Cha Cha Cha!

More Peppers

Yum-O! Kettle Korn!

Don't forget the Kettle Korn! (We didn't.)