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Violet and Rosie

More Javelinas on Parade!

“Violet and Rosie” was painted by Kathryn Keir and sponsored by I-Scream Cyber Cafe.


Olivia de Havelina & Gregory Peccary

Of all the pig statues I saw in Sedona, this one is my favorite.

“Olivia de Havalina & Gregory Peccary” was decorated by Sally Stryker and sponsored by Premiere Vacation Club.

Sedona’s Wildlife

Part of Javelinas On Parade!, “Sedona’s Wildlife” was painted by Gary Rubin and is one of the several statues on the grounds of Los Abrigados Resort and Spa.

Truffle – hunting Javelinas

It may be a blatant rip off of the Cow Parade, but Sedona’s Javelinas on Parade is just another one of a series of beautifully decorated animal statues all decked out for charitable causes. The event was launched in October of 2006 . The Javelinas on Parade are to be on display throughout the Sedona area and then sold at auction. Proceeds from the auction will be used to support the participating artists, to fund arts programming and scholarships through the Sedona Arts Festival and for marketing of the Arts through the Chamber of Commerce Tourism Bureau.

Several of the javelinas were on display at the Los Abrigados Resort & Spa. They were sculpted by Helen R. Brown in 2005 and then decorated by local artists. The Truffle – hunting Javelinas (see the beret?) pictured above are the work of Cynthia Reid and sponsored by Lanning Gallery. I’ll be showing more of these in the coming weeks.