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Flamingos In My Yard!


Flo and Felipe have stopped by to hang out by the pool.

Wild, Wild Life

This past weekend I attended a retirement party at Dillon’s at Wildlife World Zoo. Not my retirement party. I wish! I have this little hang up – I hate work but I like money.

What a treat to see baby Flamingos! I didn’t have my camera but I did have my phone. Never use your zoom on your camera phone. It sucks. I used the zoom on my camera phone.

This little fella looks like he’s high-centered, but Mom is here to help.

One can work up quite an appetite getting stranded.

Friday Fences: Flamingos

I call this house along the canals in Venice, CA, “The Flamingo House”.  Among its many Flamingo-themed decorations is this fence along the walkway.

This is my first “Friday Fences” contribution, but I have seen fence posts (haha!) by my blog pal, Kathy, many times.

Tickled Pink