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Ben and Jax

Some of you may remember that a little while back we made a trip to Texas to visit my new grand nephew, Benjamin. It’s been too long since I saw Benjamin, and now he’s  a terriblefic TWO!

Ben loves The Wiggles (oh my God, The Wiggles!) and has his own iPod. You should see that kid swipe back and forth. He loves to look at pictures. In fact, he loves pictures so much that we got him his own camera. (Haha! Can you see why I love this kid?)

But guess what else? Benjamin is a big brother now, and this time I got to meet his little brother, Jax!

“Action Jaxson” is always smiling. Like most kids his age he likes to put things in his mouth. He stole my heart the minute his big, bright eyes met mine. It was love at first sight.

So, that was where I went. And may I say that I really admire those of you who work AND blog faithfully. I barely have time to sit and read anymore – not to mention that it’s hard to get together with my fellow adventurer, Magpie, now that we both have *gulp* j*o*b*s. Going to change that pretty quick – Ramblin’ Kathy is in town!

Have a super weekend – and remember to be good to each other!

This is my Tuesday – Family



This is the newest member of our family: our great-nephew, Ben. He was born last January so he will soon be celebrating his first birthday. Doesn’t he have a gorgeous smile?

This photo was taken by my husband last September. I am looking forward to meeting him for the first time on Thanksgiving. I can still remember when Ben’s Daddy was this age which makes me feel a little sad AND happy at the same time. But mostly happy.

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