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Pink (Sk)eye

This morning I gazed out the window and saw the most amazing morning climbing over the wall. The only camera I had within reach was Mr Digi Clover so I grabbed his hand and dragged him out with me to greet the day.

Friends, I am so far behind on my blog reading. I’m sorry. Here’s wishing you all a blessed Sunday.



Buick Electra

Buick Electra

Magpie and I spotted this old Buick Electra parked outside the Paradise Bakery one weekend. A weekend in the what seems like distant past when I was broke but happy.

AACK! I’m working again. What kind of fool am I?

Over The River and Through The Woods

We’ve made a road trip from Phoenix to Dallas for the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving.  Eat lots of turkey!


Sometimes we have to let go of the past and find new goals in life.

Las Cruces

Bathroom with a View

Giant Roadrunner

No sign of a giant coyote yet.

Turkey Drive

On Thursday Magpie and I stopped by the Annual Big Guy Turkey Drive to drop off a turkey (don’t worry – Magpie is safe) and some canned goods.  By the time we got there all the big festivities – like Turkey Bowling – had wound up, but it looks like the Salvation Army was well on their way to helping making sure that almost everyone could be thankful for Thanksgiving dinner.

Big Guy Turkey Drive

Turkey Talley

Lo-fi Friday: Lo (in)fi(delity)

Psst. I have a new man in my life.

Please don’t tell my husband, but I will not allow Mr. Digital Clover to ever leave my side. Ever. Magpie is in on the secret. The three of us went on a road trip together last week.

He even takes dreamy 10 fps (frames per second) movies that remind me of the home movies my Dad used to take with his Bell & Howell movie camera.

My blogging pals Wendy and LD have unwittingly become accomplices to my licentious behavior. I’m seriously thinking about purchasing a Holga.

I feel so dirty.