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Cat Nap

The other day when I took Sadie for a walk I spotted this cat laying out in the sun. Notice it was ME that saw the cat. I am not sure what type of life Sadie led before we found each other a little over a year ago, but I have noticed she doesn’t seem to be interested in cats. On the other hand, our last dog would go ape if we merely said “gotto”.


Osama the Cat

When we stopped by Blue Heron Winery in October we were greeted by this cat at the main house who followed us up to the Tasting Room. When we asked the cat’s name the owner smiled and said “Osama” because “Osama”, as she explained,  means “Big Cat”. She told us that when Osama (the cat) was born he quickly became the head of the litter, pushing out all the other cats at feeding time.

I guess that makes him the Big Dawg, too?

Cat Nap

Cat Nap, originally uploaded by Life Is A Road Trip.