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Boy, it’s been a tough year for the birdies around my place. About a month or so ago there was a family of Say’s Phoebes hanging around. The three babies had either fallen or been kicked out of the nest. The Mama stayed close to them in the yard, and they tried to fly but kind of just fluttered about 3 feet into the air and then fell back to the ground. One day I went outside and found that one had fallen into the pool and drowned. 😦 There was another on the patio that could barely stand. Obviously it wasn’t going to last long.

Then a couple of weekends ago I pulled into the driveway and saw a dove scurrying away from the side of the house under the Ficus tree. When I got out of the car I spotted this baby. I suspect it’s nest had been knocked down by the strong winds we had the day before (dust storm-yuck). Later that evening we had strong winds once again. I went out to check on it and found it scampering underneath a hedge for shelter, and that was the last time I ever saw it. At least it knew enough to protect itself. I hope it made it.

I really, really wanted to save all the baby birdies I saw in distress, but I am always torn between trying to help and letting natural things take their course. Sometimes nature is marvelous to watch. Other times it’s just heartbreaking.

Spring in the Desert

Spring in the desert is always an amazing time of year. My backyard this year has been the host of several Say’s Phoebes. I think they were originally looking to nest in the light fixture of the fan on my patio. I can hear their distinctive calls all day long.

Out at Magpie’s the other day I feasted on the spring bounty that was happening in her yard and practiced some iPhonography.

Finch eggs.

A cactus bloom.

The saguaro and ocotillo that I love visiting this time of year.

Today is rare cloudy day in the desert. We even had a bit of rain this morning. I am trying to remember to enjoy each and every moment because it is a gift, and once it’s gone is gone forever.

Desert Wetlands

I still have a hard time saying those two words together without laughing, but if you follow Magpie’s blog you know that they do indeed exist.

There is one section that is old, dry, and neglected. It looks like it was a nice place to walk once. Not so much anymore. Then there is a lush and beautiful side, teeming with all sorts of wildlife….

Moment of Zen

… Which you cannot get to. Sadly, that part is currently not open to the public and can only, legally, be accessed by permit. So we did what all good, law abiding citizens do and got a permit!

This means YOU

But even then you can’t get to the really good part. All I could think of was the song “Signs” and the line “Hey you, what gives you the right to put up a fence to keep me out and you keep all the nature in?” We want to be over there with the egrets, the pelicans, the yellow headed blackbirds and ducks! Not. Fair. At. All.

Life through the fence

After scoping it out earlier in the week, We knew we could make our way to the nesting place of the Great Blue Herons. As we walked up to the tree, I think Magpie counted 7 of them.

The Blue Heron Tree

They watched us cautiously. Some of them got a little nervous. They were tolerant but vigilant.

On guard

They are such magnificent birds and fun to watch and photograph. Alas, the trip was not a total bust.

Life among the treetops

But Magpie is determined to get on the other side of that fence someday, and I believe she will – one way or another.

Boo hoo

( I used my Oly Pen PL-2 on this trip and posted this blog using Blogsy for iPad. Photos were edited using Snapseed and PhotoToaster.)

The Bird Whisperer

(Yesterday, Magpie and I went to the Tres Rios Nature Festival at Estrella Mountain Park. We attended a lecture by a wildlife photographer who took WAAAY too many  pictures of snakes and saw some cool varmints.)

"Don't pat my head. Don't pat my head. I SAID, 'Don't. Pat. My. Head.'"

"Nice beak."

"If I just had a bobby pin I could break outta this joint."

"Why, oh why, can't I?"

"Excuse me, but could you kindly get that one dimensional owl off my back?"

"WHO are you looking at?"

"Oh, boy! Live rabbits!"

Oh, REALLY? (Relax. It was only sleeping.)

Flying the Coop

Got a week in Sedona with some girlfriends planned. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of photos to bore you with when I get back.

Have a super week and be good to each other. (God is watching.)

Magpie Tale

My “On Again, Off Again” job had been mostly “Off Again” lately. The blessing to the “Off Again” job status is that I get to spend time with Magpie when, just like the good ole days, we’d manage to share all kinds of excellent adventures and misadventures.

On this particular day when Magpie called we didn’t really have any idea what we wanted to do but headed for the 50 Acre Wood, also know as Friendship Park. Before we knew where we were going, I had decided to take my Diana lens. It had been awhile since I had played with it. I considered changing it once we decided we were going to visit the ducks but instead decided to “hang loose like a goose” and go with the flow. One thing Magpie always teaches me, and something I never seem to learn, is that great adventures can happen anytime, anywhere – even in the most common places. This day was no exception. For instance, on this day I learned:


We do indeed have Red Winged Blackbirds in Phoenix.


There are still a few Disco Ducks around.


There are some amazing Duck Tails to be told.


There’s a reason why Magpie kept missing the flying ducks in action.


Turtles do it. Very. Slow.


I also got to see firsthand the lengths that Magpie will go to in order to take those great shots.


Here she is on her latest Safari shoot.

Check out Magpie’s blog, In Over My Head, to see just exactly what she was photographing on the Street Light Serengeti.

Brooding Bird

Perhaps pondering philosophy or poring over problematic principles but probably just plotting the portion of his next meal.