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To The Bat Cave!

I definitely had the guys who follow the blog on my mind when I saw in the paper that the Warner Brothers Tumbler Tour was hitting town. Here’s a little secret: I love the Dark Knight movies and can’t wait for the last installment of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy to open on July 20th. I also loved The Avengers and made one of my few theater trips to see it a few weeks ago. I guess you can call Super Heroes one of my guilty pleasures. (I think I may have divulged too much about myself the past couple of weeks!)

Although I do not think that I am nearly as obsessed as the guy on the left obviously is about it (or the scary Dude behind Batman). Magpie offered to take my picture with the Caped Crusader but I politely declined. Wasn’t that sweet of Magpie? πŸ™‚ Poor Batman. It was over 100 degrees. I bet he is dreading moving East where I hear it’s just as hot or hotter!

Not only was the Tumbler (aka the Batmobile back in the days when I was growing up) on display, but we also saw the Batcycle (now known as the Batpod). What the heck is wrong with “Batmobile” and “Batcycle“? Why does everything have to change? I am not getting old. I am not getting old. And who let in that kid with the Spiderman shirt?