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Video Killed The Radio Star

Ten Years Ago Today….

It was just another day. On September 7, 2001, Ryan Adams began filming a music video with the twin towers in the background for the song “New York, New York” from his upcoming album Gold which was to be released on September 11th. It marked an otherwise insignificant day, one on which few of us can remember what happened and why. Little did we know that everything was about to change.

Click HERE to see the video. It’s now a part of pop culture, but it’s become a bit of a tradition with me to watch this video every September 7th. It helps serve to remind me that it is NEVER just another day.

Good Ducks, Bad Duck

So, these two ducks were just waddling along Oak Creek minding their own business. Obviously they quacked off too much about something and ruffled some feathers.

Shakin’ The Screen

This past Wednesday I met my blogging pals Kathy and Magpie at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens. Magpie and I are family so we see each other quite often, but we had only met Kathy once before and had really hit it off (at least that’s what I think). Saddened by the news that she would be leaving the area at the end of the year we had decided to try to get together again at least once, and this was it.

So, anyway, here I am walking through the Garden, Mr Digital Clover holding my hand, with my two buddies who are most excellent macro photographers whether they realize it or not. My bloomin’ pictures never measure up to theirs. Every photo I take of a flower ends up looking like an ugly splotch of color. I have decided not to even try to keep up with them today.

Once we stepped into the Monarch Butterfly Exhibit we must have spent half an hour or 45 minutes running around taking photos of different butterflies. Or maybe we were just taking pictures of the same two or three – who really knows and what does it matter? There were dozens if not hundreds of butterflies flying around, drifting over your shoulder, stirring just the smallest amount of a breeze – an actual butterfly kiss. And then there were maybe dozens if  not hundreds more hanging on the screen that surrounded the exhibit. You couldn’t look anywhere and not see a butterfly on this day.

Every once in a while someone would shake the screen, and all the butterflies that were hanging on the screen would let go and join the hundreds of others in flight to create the most beautiful whisper of a butterfly storm.

Life is kind of like that. Sometimes we need someone to shake the screen and get our wings moving – someone to make us leave our comfortable place and take flight.

Because friendships should inspire you, not hold you back.

So, thank you, my friends (both winged and human). I am going out to work on my macro shots.