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Shiny Happy People

Here We Go A Ramblin’

This past weekend Magpie and I met Ramblin’ Kathy who was in town visiting her daughter and grandson. We try to get together when she visits and we always manage to have a new adventure (at least for Magpie and me) – lots of catching up to do and, of course, lots of photos which I am sure you will find on their upcoming blogs.

Here they are posing for a photo I have decided to call…wait for it…..


Ben and Jax

Some of you may remember that a little while back we made a trip to Texas to visit my new grand nephew, Benjamin. It’s been too long since I saw Benjamin, and now he’s  a terriblefic TWO!

Ben loves The Wiggles (oh my God, The Wiggles!) and has his own iPod. You should see that kid swipe back and forth. He loves to look at pictures. In fact, he loves pictures so much that we got him his own camera. (Haha! Can you see why I love this kid?)

But guess what else? Benjamin is a big brother now, and this time I got to meet his little brother, Jax!

“Action Jaxson” is always smiling. Like most kids his age he likes to put things in his mouth. He stole my heart the minute his big, bright eyes met mine. It was love at first sight.

So, that was where I went. And may I say that I really admire those of you who work AND blog faithfully. I barely have time to sit and read anymore – not to mention that it’s hard to get together with my fellow adventurer, Magpie, now that we both have *gulp* j*o*b*s. Going to change that pretty quick – Ramblin’ Kathy is in town!

Have a super weekend – and remember to be good to each other!

Fun In The Sun

In the early 1900’s the film industry began to shift operations from the east coast to California. This was in part a backlash against the Motion Picture Patents Company (MPPC, also known as the Edison Trust). From 1909 on, The MPCC pooled their resources, and legally monopolized the growing American film industry, specifically in New York and on the East Coast. Their main goal, to stifle up-and-coming independent film makers, was accomplished by hiring lawyers and strong men to enforce their restrictions. They raised admission prices, limited censorship by cooperating with regulatory bodies, and prevented film stock from getting into the hands of non-members.

Although Thomas Edison conceived the modern motion picture camera it was actually designed by an employee, William K.L. Dickson. In fact, there are quite a few inventions for which Edison has been given undeserved credit, and some people still get quite upset by that.

In reality, it was merely sunshine and the diversity of topographies that lured filmmakers from New York and New Jersey to southern California. In the early days of the film industry, producers shot on outdoor stages in natural light, rather than utilizing electric light, so that dependable sunshine was a must. Southern California’s mixture of seascapes, mountains, desert, and other topographies in a relatively limited area was also a plus.

It’s not unusual to see location shoots as you stroll along the beach. I’m always amazed by the sheer number of people it takes to make a movie or TV show.

I am headed to the coast this weekend to visit some good friends and looking forward to some cooler weather.

Hometown (s)Newzzzzzz…..

OK, so maybe I am going to bore you with one photo of somebody you don’t know. I wanted to share this picture of my wonderful 87-year-old mother who looked both beautiful and oh so not 87 at my nephew’s wedding. She and my step dad raised my nephew from the time he was about 5 years old so it was an extra special day for her. I know my step father was looking down at Justin and his beautiful bride, Stephanie, with great pride.

Well heck, while I’m here maybe I will bore you with TWO photos of people you don’t know. I think Stephanie looked like the princess she is! We are all very proud to officially welcome Steph as a member of the family.

And now for some serious news from the radio station back home that I just know you all want to hear:

79-year-old Dan McNew of Fairfield reports to City Police that someone stole a set of brass bull testicles that had been hanging from the fence at his home on Mt. Vernon Road. No value was listed on the loss. UPDATE – Mr. McNew’s decorative brass bull testicles were found this morning in the grass at the Auto Zone Parts Store in Fairfield.

Now you know why I miss this place so much!

I hope you all have a super and safe Memorial Day Weekend. Be good to each other!


Oh to be young again –

and fearless –

(jumping in

with both feet)

before we were ever told that

wise men always 

test the waters first.

Tickled Pink



Home For The Holidays

When we got off the plane in St. Louis we were greeted by this group of Veterans awaiting the arrival of some of our brave men and women in uniform returning home from Iraq.
To all of them I would like to say thank you, welcome home and Happy Holidays!

(PS Can you see the kids walking through the gate? I can only imagine what they must have been thinking!)