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Good Monday To You

How was your weekend? Here are a few interesting links I came across on the interwebs this weekend.

Same Hill, Different Day is a project by Paul Octavious. Paul has photographed the same hill in Chicago thousands of times over the past 3 years – and each time it looks different.

Tweeting Seat is a park bench that automatically tweets photos every time someone sits on it!

Letters of Note is a blog containing hundreds of fascinating letters and notes (including scans and photos when possible) like the one below written by Stephen King, age 14, to the editor of  Spaceman Magazine in 1961. The blog includes letters from John Lennon, George Carlin, Jim Morrison (and Jim Morrison’s dad), Kurt Cobain and Quentin Tarantino to name a few.

War Dog is  a photo essay from Foreign Policy magazine about dogs and their role in the U.S. Military.

I hope your week rocks!

Weekend Photo Trippin’

Over the weekend I came across several interesting articles with some amazing photos.

The first article is Flipboard’s interview with photographer Stephen Oachs. I had never seen his work before, but the photos here are some of his best and led me to his website where many more jaw dropping landscape and wildlife photos can be found.

The second article from U.K.’s The Guardian features a hauntingly beautiful and tragic gallery called Detroit in ruins, Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre’s extraordinary photographs documenting the dramatic decline of a major American city. Romain’s and Meffre’s website with additional photos can be found here.

And how could I post about some of my fave photographers without mentioning my photographic alter ego, the person I want to be in the next life or parallel universe, my photography super hero Clark Little, and his interview with Maui Magazine?

I had a nice relaxing weekend filled with warm thoughts of friends and family. That’s just the kind of fuel I need to get me through the week until the next weekend comes. How was yours?