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That’s The Way It Is

Last month when Ramblin’ Kathy came to town and visited me and Magpie (gee, was it really last month already?) all three of us took a photo of the same reflection. Actually, this happened a lot, but we decided we would all post this on the same day without having seen what the others were posting to see what we got. I was playing with my Olympus PL-1 because I hadn’t played with it in a while and I always like using the Dramatic Filter on buildings.

Don’t forget to check out Kathy’s and Magpie’s photos and see what kind of fun and beautiful things they came up with.


Monty, I’ll Take What’s Behind Door Number 1

Am I Blue?

During my last trip to Venice Beach, the most beautiful blue building caught my eye. As I kept walking and staring at it I thought “What a neat idea to paint a window on it with the reflection of the sky to match the blue walls.” Then I realized that it WAS a window reflecting the blue sky above the sea.

Peace House

Believe it or not, the gate I posted Wednesday does not belong to this home. I think they kind of complement each other though.

Friday Fences: Flamingos

I call this house along the canals in Venice, CA, “The Flamingo House”.  Among its many Flamingo-themed decorations is this fence along the walkway.

This is my first “Friday Fences” contribution, but I have seen fence posts (haha!) by my blog pal, Kathy, many times.

San Francisco Treat

I took this photo from our hotel room during our trip to San Francisco last year. It was one of the rare clear days during our trips, and I thought the colorful buildings looked so pretty framed between the skyscrapers. This has become one of my very favorite photos.

I have been having tons of fun trying to learn how to use PSE and Topaz Adjust, and boy do I have a lot to learn!

Skull Valley Garage

Skull Valley, Arizona

Yes, I did half expect to see Gomer Pyle come running out to pump gas.