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Parenthetical Post (or Embarcadero At Night)

One of my favorite bloggers is Reena at missing moments – for a couple of reasons, really. One is that she, like me, loves the beach. It doesn’t matter if it’s the coast of Maine or Florida, she shares wonderful photos that she takes when she’s there (which is way more often than I am there). The other reason is that she is a bit of a geek like me (sorry Reena). We are “appaholics”, we love to try out different photo editing apps and programs. She is much more creative and better at using them than I am, but when I saw what she had done using Topaz Star Effects I immediately knew I had a photo I wanted to try with this. It was taken a couple of years ago on our trip to San Francisco from our hotel room overlooking the Embarcadero area. I had taken my tripod along in anticipation of trying out some HDR photography, but on this evening it came in handy to experiment with night time photography.

Thank you, Reena, for being an enabler! Isn’t blogging wonderful (and addictive)?

Please visit Reena and take a look at her marvelously artistic photos.

What Planet Are We On?

That’s the question Magpie and I were asking ourselves as we happened upon this rock formation the other day plopped smacked dab in the middle of the desert.

Of course, we knew what planet we were on … the planet of Arizona. (We went to public school). 🙂

We spent quite a bit of time exploring this strange and wonderful landscape (and avoiding the dreaded stick snake).

Sadly, some people failed to appreciate the natural beauty and mistook it for a landfill, but at least they positioned the chair so they could admire the sunset.

(I got an iMac about a month ago, and I love love LOVE it! I’ve especially had a lot of fun trying some of the many photography apps that are available.  I was already familiar with a few of them , like Snapseed (my favorite) and Camera Bag. Another really nice low-cost app that is great for removing unwanted objects from images is Snapheal. However, It seems that while all of them do some really great things none of them are as complete as the Photoshop Elements program I had on my windows machine. Now I am wondering if I should give Aperture a try. Do any of you folks out there use Aperture?)

Morning Walk

I’m dreaming of being somewhere else this morning – walking along in the cool morning fog with a cup of coffee in one hand. I could do this every morning. If only.

Shaken Not Stirred

“The cause of being shaken seems to be outside, but it is always inside you, and its solution is inside you as well.”

I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions this year, but I did make a promise to myself to try to look inward rather than outward in the coming months. My birthday falls within two weeks of the New Year, and it seemed like an especially good time to look back and make sure I was learning the correct lessons life has sought to teach me.

My forties were spent trying to deal with some of the biggest changes in my life since I had gotten married – mostly spent fighting those changes now that I look back on it. There is something about your fifties that makes it seem important, if not downright urgent,  to understand these things. And so I have spent the first two weeks of this year reading some books on Taoism, Buddhism and trying to channel my inner Zen.

The above quotation, which came to me through a wonderful little iPhone app called “Tao Way of Life“, has become my mantra. Or I guess, to put it another way as I read somewhere the other day, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”.

You know how there are some people who just let things roll off their backs and go with the flow? Well, I’ve never been one of them, and I may never be.

But I’m trying.

Thoughtful Thursday

I am always at the beginning.

~ The aged Buddha, on being asked what life was like.

I’m Dreaming of a White December 27th

And guess what? I got it! It wasn’t a lot of white, and it didn’t last past noon, but I woke up to a beautiful snowfall which makes twice this year that happened which is twice as many times as it happened in the past decade. I hope you have a safe and Happy New Year. See you in 2012!

Fall Finale

Farewell, Fall!

You caught my fancy

if only for a fleeting moment.

When winter’s waned

And Spring spun into

Summer has squandered all its sizzle

Come back and flirt with me.