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C’mon Get Happy

I saw this bus parked behind a local hotel. I don’t know who was driving it, but I sure would have liked to have met them!




I haven’t posted since Thanksgiving???? I haven’t posted since Thanksgiving! OMG how are you all doing? Boy, do I miss you. So much has happened since November. Where do I start?

Let’s see, there have been a couple of really busy Holidays in between and steady work for me. Hooray! But also…oh, puppy dog eyes. 😦 No time to blog or take photos.

We had a really cold cold spell – and by “cold spell” I mean cold spell even by my Midwest roots standards – 4 nights in a row below freezing which absolutely destroyed the top half of my pretty ficus tree. I don’t believe there will be any birdies nesting in this tree this year.


During the cold snap a Costas (Costa’s? Please help me, Chris, if you are still around) hummer came by for a little lunch and posed for me for several minutes. We decided to call him Bob. Get it? Now we never miss a ballgame. 🙂


We are going to Las Vegas for 5 nights the end of this month. I am renting a lens for the first time from to take with me. Has anyone rented from them before? I am curious to know what your experience was like. Also, I am reading a great book called Beyond Snapshots: How To Take That Fancy DSLR Camera Off “Auto” and Photograph Your Life Like a Pro. This was recommended by Rita at The Coffeshop Blog, and I have already learned something about my camera that I didn’t know! I also ordered the latest version of PS Elements when it was half off right before Christmas. But I haven’t installed it yet. See, LIART is not the only thing I have been neglecting. 🙂

Next Saturday Bill and I are taking part in the Arizona Diamondbacks 5k Race Against Cancer. It is nearly our one year anniversary with Jenny Craig, and not to toot our horn but TOOT TOOT! Bill has lost 100 pounds over the past year, and I have lost 50. It has literally changed our lives.

Musically, I have been enjoying: The Lumineers, Shovels and Rope and a great new band with a funny name called The Brothers Comatose.

Other than that, I think somebody mentioned there was a football game today. I might be watching that in between commercials.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy Fall. Winter is just around the corner!


That’s The Way It Is

Last month when Ramblin’ Kathy came to town and visited me and Magpie (gee, was it really last month already?) all three of us took a photo of the same reflection. Actually, this happened a lot, but we decided we would all post this on the same day without having seen what the others were posting to see what we got. I was playing with my Olympus PL-1 because I hadn’t played with it in a while and I always like using the Dramatic Filter on buildings.

Don’t forget to check out Kathy’s and Magpie’s photos and see what kind of fun and beautiful things they came up with.